Lots of Changes

I have finally decided on a new theme for this blog and I plan on making a few other, deeper changes.  God has shown me a few things that I didn’t realize about myself and after some meditation I plan on changing my life accordingly.  God recently revealed some bitterness to me, it was difficult to see because it wasn’t toward any particular person.

I am taking this blog in a slightly more personal direction because it doesn’t seem like people like to read my arm chair theology anyway but I still like writing it so it may come up occasionally or I may just keep it private, I haven’t really decided as of yet.  Anyway I make the look of the blog a little brighter and hopefully a little brighter over all.


One response to “Lots of Changes”

  1. I like the new look. Sorry I haven’t interacted with the blog in a while… In getting busy with Life, I sometimes forget to stop and share life with those that are important to me…

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