//Godfidence Tweets 2010-05-30

  • NSFW is becomming one of my favorite Podcasts, especially with @Ohdoctah. #
  • Thank you #LOST between you and #BSG I have officially given up on any of your type of shows. YOU ALL SUC K, and I WANT MY LIFE BACK!!!! #
  • I think today is an old school speed metal kind of day. (Metallica before 1990, Anthrax etc..) Did I just say 1989 is old school? Yes I did #
  • 3 songs make it all OK: Summertime, Set adrift on Memory Bliss, Sadness Pt1 #
  • Only one week behind in my Bible reading for the year. That is better than the two weeks it was last week. #
  • The biggest problem facing the world economy isn't that banks or businesses are too big to fail. it's that government is too big to succeed. #
  • I didn't know we were getting new pennies, the reverse looks fake. #
  • Teeing off my first 9 of the year #

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Ways #LOST could have been better

This article is non-edited, stream of consciousness rant.  You have been warned…


Kate could have died…

While I would never root for the death of a real human being, Kate was an annoying character.  She had some shot at redemption at some point but I would have been fine if she would have died.

Or better yet they could have showed Ben and Danielle talking and then when Danielle remembered what happened on the island, she could have beat the crap out of Ben.  That would have been at least entertaining.

“They never returned home”

As I understand it the final show of Quantum Leap was never written as a finale.  After they found out they were cancelled they simply put a black screen with white letters that said “Sam Becket never returned home.”  It would have been better if they simply said “The castaways never returned home.” At least then we could work out thing in our own head that would have made sense.

Island Elsewhere

The island could have been simply an image in the center of a snow globe, all created in the imagination of a mentally disabled boy.  Sure it didn’t work for St. Elsewhere but at least then millions of Lost fans could have breathed a collective sigh of relief because it wasn’t supposed to make sense.



//Godfidence Tweets 2010-05-23

  • 7 year old girl may have been burned alive but at least they got their man, right? #
  • Anyone out there have any tips on getting two little ones to sleep in the same room? Our girls are playing for hours and not sleeping. #
  • My #lost question: will we every know why we had to put up with two episodes of Paulo and Nikki? #
  • Netflix says "You are a mom, you need to work out" #
  • When the stars shot down their spears, watered heaven with their tears, before words were spoken before eternity, Dear Father I need you… #
  • 17 Day until I get my EVO!!! #
  • Funny my wheels are spinning but I don't seem to be going anywhere!! #
  • Making RIBS at home for the first time. Just did the rub, now they are slow cooking… #

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Family Life

How do I get out of this rut?

<rant>Ever since I left my position as a youth pastor, I have been on cruise control in my personal spiritual life, and I am not happy about it.

I still read and study scripture but not as much as I would like.  I have recently joined with some other men in learning about what it means to be leaders in the church but I still don’t feel like my life is thoroughly committed to Christ.  He is more like a window dressing.

I want to love my wife as Christ loves the church and as much as I try I fail by to great a margin.  I want to raise my children to know and understand the good news of God’s great gift for us and I want them to not only hear it but see it in my life.  I fail here as well.

I want to serve my community with the heart of the Father loving the unlovely but I stay sheltered in my home and in my holy huddle far too much.

Here is the problem I am part of a great community of believers but we are actively not a programmatic church so I can’t just plug in join some fill in the blank ministry and cruise to holiness.  I don’t know how to operate under these conditions!  I am learning slowly that God works each of these things out in a personal way through his Holy Spirit but it is much more beneficial but much more difficult than I would like. </rant>

Just had to get that off of my chest.

Through The Bible

I Wish…

I put off writing this until this morning in the hope that I would be able to write that my wife and I had caught up on our road trip but the fact of the matter is we didn’t.

We are still several weeks behind but not as far as we were.  I have to say the “begats” are more boring to listen to than they are to read, I thought maybe an audio version would make it go quicker but it didn’t.

What I can say is that I am so glad my works are not what make me right before God, other wise I would obviously be failing.    What ever this grace demands it provides and that is the Good News.


//Godfidence Tweets 2010-05-16

  • I MISS MY WIFE!!!! #
  • Edward v Lestat v Strahd v Rayne v Dracula v Angel v Selene v Blade : who will be the last vamp Standing? #
  • If there is a smell worse then when you are cleaning full gutters, I don't want to know about it. #
  • Anyone have the book "Gospel-Powered Parenting" they want to let me borrow? #
  • Of course I feel inadequate I share the name Father with God! Only by his grace can I fulfill that role. #
  • RT @iconshock: Funny pic: Android vs Iphone //Joke only a geek could love. #
  • Hopefully a privacy aware alternative to facebook. #
  • It isn't just he south but anywhere there is a "church culture" #
  • Where is PETA when family dogs get shot for little or no cause? #
  • On a hot summer night would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses? #
  • I am glad I found other geeks @veritascolumbus and that they are in my community group. #
  • Awwwww yeaa the Evo is out in less than a month 🙂 #
  • It is an extra $30 to use the Evo has a mobile hot spot? or us that just for 4G speeds? #
  • Help for facebook privacy? #
  • American Idol government? It may not work but at least they are thinking in new ways. #
  • WHOA!!! $10 a month for the privilege of owning the EVO because I might actually use it? I may look into the Incredible after all. #
  • RT @kennedyz: If 7% of the world's Christians adopted one child, all 150 million orphans would have homes. Psalm 68:5-6 //Wow #
  • Sometimes things just line up in strange ways…FYI, the first one is my wife… #
  • Watching the girls make up their own games is awesome. #

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Christianity Entertainment Godfidence

Question for Hollywood.

Something has bothered me recently that I wanted to talk about.  I watch “Bones” it has interesting characters that go along with all of the science which is what shows like CSI lacked in my opinion.

Recently they have added a character named Arastoo Vaziri.  This character is a devoted traditional Muslim which puts him a little at odds with the scientific anti-faith group of scientists he works among.  (Possible Spoiler) Expecting others would find it odd that he is both a scientist and very religious (a suspicion his co-workers later confirmed), Vaziri decides to put on a false accent to sound “fresh off the boat” and thus make his religious devotion seem like an irrelevant byproduct of his heritage.[1]

After this fact is revealed, however, Vaziri does a stupendous job of answering any questions his colleagues can ask regarding his faith.  Here is my question: Where are the Christian characters that can do this?  I will grant that I don’t watch a great deal of TV so maybe they are out there but I haven’t seen one.  I can think of a few who claimed some sort of spirituality but very few that I thought, “Hey, that is a great portrayal of what is means to be a Christian.”

Is it because we have fled from the entertainment industry like Jonah ran from Nineveh and there are no believers left to influence Hollywood?

Is it because we do such a horrible job of portraying it ourselves?  Is art actually reflecting what it sees in the church?  I fear that may be all too true.  What do you think?

[1] List of Bones characters. (2010, May 7). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 19:22, May 10, 2010, from

Through The Bible

Awww Crap…

I really hated to write this but I felt I had to in order for this whole blogging through the Bible thing to work.  One of the reasons I do it is for accountability I need to make it through.

I am weeks behind on reading. April 25th to be exact.  I am catching up but the histories get to be a little slow for me.  It is like reading Tolkein, there are so many characters some times that don’t have a “big influence” in the story

But on the bright side by the time I get caught up I should be half way done.


//Godfidence Tweets 2010-05-09

  • Anyone want to have a guys night Friday night? #
  • RT @XIANITY: BREAKING NEWS: So-called "Gift of Helps" finally exposed as a fraud encouraged by those with "Gift of Delegation". #
  • RT @BrandonMouser: the Evangelical Christian Guide to Superheroes #
  • Thanks to Wayne Grudem I have a much clearer understanding of the inerrancy of scripture. #
  • My #lost prediction: Jack will wake up screaming on a plane from the strangest dream he has ever had. #
  • After the primary yesterday I think I am ready to change my party affiliation. I just need to look into the law for presidential primary. #
  • It is a green smoothie day, that is a good day. #
  • lack of sleep and caffeine is killing me. #
  • #FF @nicknye @joe_byler @jtonsofun @PastorTullian @PastorMark @JohnPiper @abrahampiper and VERY funny stuff: @prodigaljohn @XIANITY #
  • Girls room painted, to cold to work outside. What kind of mischief can I get into? #
  • Any guys looking to get out tonight let me know. #
  • Seriously Hollywood enough with the Costner affect, either everyone has an accent or no one does. #
  • 5 years ago today I got to tell my wife we were pregnant with our oldest. #

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Family Life Fatherhood

Children are Kids Not Adutls

Have you ever had something in your head, you aren’t sure where it came from but it makes a difference in your life?

“Most of you didn’t want kids, you wanted little adults.”  I know it was Matt Chandler but I can’t remember most of the context where he said it but I do realize that is much of my problem.

I wasn’t sure I wanted to have kids when I got married, but I eventually came to want kids.  If I look back at my thoughts of what it would be like to have kids I think I was expecting little adults and not children.  I didn’t have any little kids around me growing up; I am the youngest in my family.  I didn’t really know what to expect from children but apparently it wasn’t reality.

Children are kids not adults.  They don’t have fully functioning brains they are not fully developed and don’t work like an adults. (duh)

Another thing along these lines that has stuck with me came from a former Pastor, Dave Diyanni.  When you are learning hot to discipline your children the bible talks a lot about foolishness but not about childishness and there is a difference.  In Bible terms foolishness isn’t just about being silly but a disobedient no God fearing idiot.  His example was that if a kid spills milk at the table because they were reaching for it and missed that is childish.  Their coordination sometimes fail, they didn’t realize it would stick to the rubber mat when they tried to drag it instead of picking it up.  You don’t discipline children for that.

If they are specifically told not to do something but are defying you and spill the milk then they should be disciplined, not for the spill but for the foolishness of defiance.

Parents think about your children as kids, they are not little adults they will screw up.  Or job is to help them to grow in the admonition of the Lord, to train them up in the way they should go but we can’t expect them to start off where we are.