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  • //Godfidence Tweets 2010-08-08

    Anyone have an #RDIO invite for me? # Down loading froyo for the second time today, what a day to forget my phone charger. # Liberty means the freedom to fail and learn from your mistakes. # I was once in a birthing class with James and Lily Potter and they had no clue when […]

  • //Godfidence Tweets 2010-08-01

    WOW all my wishes are being granted today # Any aging metal heads want to go see Slayer, Megadeath and Anthrax with me? I wonder if I can grow a mullet by then? # Starcraft II and I don't have to be back at work for 24 hours. How needs sleep!!! # RT @DougFields: We […]

  • //Godfidence Tweets 2010-07-25

    Obama administration — Individual mandate absolutely not a tax, just legal under our power to tax # I feel yucky and I want to go home. # This project is finally live, let's see how long it lasts. Can we slay the beast before it slays us? # SWEET, the site is taking orders […]

  • //Godfidence Tweets 2010-07-18

    Even Hershey's can not help the crap that is 2% organic milk. # It is going to be a long week… # Hmmm, I wonder if things I have said would prevent me from getting certain security clearances. # Happy Embrase your Geekness day everyone. Especially my wife. 🙂 # I know I am like […]

  • //Godfidence Tweets 2010-07-11

    Never thought I would say "I like Strawberry Shortcake better than Hello Kitty" #dadlife # Feminist finally admits abortions is murder but it is the lesser evil. # Powered by Twitter Tools

  • //Godfidence Tweets 2010-07-04

    I just got some FREE kids music from The Rizers. You can download it here: # Adding another point to my geek cred I finished the first season of Buffy last night. # Next time you stab me in the back, have the guts to do it to my face — Mal is so […]

  • //Godfidence Tweets 2010-06-27

    Seriously?! They are giving away "boys" toys at BK for their Eclipse kids meals. Unless it is a stake to kill Edward, they are not boys toys # Just saw the trailer for Voyage of the Dawn Treader, it looks good but I still don't know if I can/will go see it. # ….And then […]

  • //Godfidence Tweets 2010-06-20

    My dried blueberries look far to much like rabbit droppings for my comfort. # I have been listening to nothing but the @veritascolumbus live set for the week. Keeping my eyes on Jesus helps me not kill people. # My awesome wife got me a new bass for Father's day. Yes early because she couldn't […]

  • //Godfidence Tweets 2010-06-13

    OK I wasn't sure how big the oil spill was. Thanks # PCs overtook Macs bc they were open and allowed any1 to develop for them, giving more options to all. Is android the PC to the iPhones Mac? # Is this years economy being artificially inflated by the coming tax increases of 2011? […]

  • //Godfidence Tweets 2010-06-06

    Left Alora at Nanas. Thought Zoe would freak. Turns out we were projecting. # Hey Jerk on the phone in the Z3 (I70) doing 60 in the fast lane in a 70 right beside the truck blocking both lanes for 20 miles. YOU SUCK! # I think that when the sad day comes and JoePa […]